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I am a part-time working mother of three girls under 8, who struggles daily to find a balance between being a mom, wife, employee and friend. I love my life but sometimes I get overwhelmed and feel undersupported. Several years ago....before my children and husband I lost my mom, my grandmother and several aunts. I love the men in my life.. a wonderful husband, great father and brother but ladies... they don't get it... they want to... but they don't:) And men.... thank you for trying to understand, but you probably never will!:)

Vacation for mommy…. not quite;)

I love my family… I love our vacations… I love coming to the shore every year and spending time with my kids, my husband, my dad, my brother, and numerous other family members each year.  Since I have had kids… … Continue reading

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Hello world!

I started this post for one reason….I think I’m lonely.  What a sad start to a blog!!! This sounds crazy… I have two children under 4, work part time, have a husband who is physically with me most of the … Continue reading

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