Vacation for mommy…. not quite;)

I love my family… I love our vacations… I love coming to the shore every year and spending time with my kids, my husband, my dad, my brother, and numerous other family members each year.  Since I have had kids… I use “vacation” loosely. I love that my father, brother and husband get along.  Today they went golfing.. leaving me really no reinforcement to take the two little ones to the beach. After several trips to and only one trip from (thanks to my wonderful cousin) the beach.  I did eventually get all of our gear, both kids and myself (looking quite a tattered mess) back to the beach! Today I will simply state three things I did NOT do:

1. Lay/sit still on the beach for a duration of over 1 minute.

2. Eat a meal in a chair.

3. Brush my hair.

Three things I did do:

1. Get screamed at by my over sunned, over tired 3 and a half year old with gutteral shrieks of “NO, NO I don’t want to leave the beach… the sand is scratching my feet.” (This does not even make sense but I continued to hear shrieking for 2 blocks while pushing her and my other daughter in a double stroller and carrying beach toys, beach bag and chair.)

2. Get screamed at again by my over tired 3 and a half year old while my (again sweet) cousin tried to help and give her a bath. Instead I ended up in the shower with the baby to rinse her still in my bathing suit and cover up and fully drenched got her dressed.  Immediately stripped down to my naked self ,wrapped in a towel while I wrestled what must have been like a small octopus into the tub, got her somewhat cleaned off and then wrestled underwear, a dress, and shoes on her.

3. Got some amazing pictures of my adorable kids and wonderful family on the beach.. which totally made 1 and 2 worth it.  However, I may mention I also had to get everyone to a birthday party that evening along with a hot appetizer…. and the men were not home from golf yet.

Then the reponse from the men is that they don’t really understand what was so hard about my day…. (this is one of those times when I just miss my mom so much… need my mom so much.. just to say, “can you believe it!?)Thoughts from anyone?? It’s time for bed for this mommy… but I don’t want to sleep.. I am enjoying the quiet too much:)


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Hello world!

I started this post for one reason….I think I’m lonely.  What a sad start to a blog!!! This sounds crazy… I have two children under 4, work part time, have a husband who is physically with me most of the time and have various friends/acquaintences I can call at the drop of a hat.  However, right now is a difficult place to be.  Many of my friends are either new moms, soon-t0-be-moms or some still single.  Life went  from one big college party… to one big after college party…. to this… separate groups of people who through no fault of their own are now consumed with their own small families or groups (myself included).  This change also coincided with my mother’s passing just prior to meeting my husband and having my children.  Then my grandmother’s passing and then several aunts passing.  I now officially have one female blood relative left besides my daughters and though I love the men in my life they don’t understand me and I’m hoping that through this blog instead of myself muddling through things..  there will be others out there muddling with me and we can all muddle through together,  helping ourselves and eachother!

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